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Economy on ETMC consists of a few main ways of making money.

Auction House

The auction house is the easiest way to sell items to other players. Set your price, and list.

To sell:

Your price can be anything between $1 - $150,000
/ah sell [price]

To buy:

Listings last 7 days by default.

Quick Sell

You can also quickly sell your items for quick cash. If you're looking to make more money, we recommend you use the Auction House.

To sell:



To sell items, we must have a full worth.yml, this file determines how much each item is worth, but it is not complete. To view the current worth file:
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Players found exploiting quicksell will have their permissions revoked.
Chest Shops
Refer to this Documentation:
Other ways to make money
/pay [user] [amount]
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