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Rules & Guidelines

All changes to ETMC have been paused indefinitely.

Respect and courtesy

No harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia, or other disrespectful behavior.
No spamming chat or commands.
Don't disclose personal information about others without consent.
Don't impersonate staff or other players.

No griefing or stealing

Do not destroy or alter anyone else's buildings or terrain without explicit permission.
Do not take anything from chests, buildings, or the environment that you did not create without permission.

No cheating or exploiting

Do not use any hacked clients, mods, duping glitches, or exploits to gain an unfair advantage. Play vanilla.
Do not use bugs or glitches to avoid damage in PvP.
X-ray texture packs are prohibited.

No PvP without agreement

PvP must be mutually agreed upon before attacking other players.
No spawn camping.

Limit lag

Large Redstone farms, mob farms, and contraptions should use on/off switches.
Clean up excessive dropped items.
Limit entities like villagers, animals, minecarts, and item frames.

Build at a reasonable distance

Build sufficiently away from claimed lands and other players.

Respect staff

Listen to staff instructions and do not argue about bans.
Do not lie to admins or moderators.

Follow EULA

Don't exchange server rewards for real-world payments.

Have fun!

Be collaborative, create together, and help each other out.
Explore, build, and chat together in a positive way.

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